OSVR is a movement founded to create a universal open source VR ecosystem for technologies across different brands and companies. Giving you the freedom to combine different brands of HMDs and Controllers to experience VR the way they want to.

The logo is designed to house any type of design, pattern, or work of art that doesn't compromise it's silhouette. This allows the brand to embody the "open source" aspect of the product. These designs will be used for promotional campaigns and anything beyond core brand applications (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, ect.).

Photo credit to Matthew Dandy (Queenstown, NZ & McWay Falls, CA)  http://matthewdandy.com/
Illustration credit to Cris Cimatu (Morocco Medina & Doggo) http://www.crisantocimatu.com/illustration/​​​​​​​

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